After you have completed registration by following the directions on the 'Basics' page, it is time to start earning points/cash to go towards all of those gaming accessories! There are three main ways of earning points through points2shop - completing offers, gaining referrals, and playing games.

Games: Although this is the slowest way of gaining points in most cases, it can also be a nice way to either take a break from completing offers, or a slow but steady way to increase the amount you have. There are a variety of games to master, and once you do have them mastered, you can rack points up consistently. There are many different lobbies you can enter with various entrance fees and pots. I recommend this strategy if you have a little bit less patience, or just enjoy playing games, which I'm sure you do!

Offers: With a constant flow of offers coming daily, rewards are endless. Many people are concerned that they will lose money and such by completing these, but there are designated areas for PAID offers, and FREE offers. I recommend creating a junk e-mail while doing these, as the e-mail load can get pretty heavy. Many points can be earned this way, and there are many tutorial videos out there on how to complete them. There are also things like daily clicks and daily surveys that allow you to get a good chunk of points every day.

Referrals: Many people like to take advantage of the referral system, as it can gain a lot of cash in a short amount of time depending on how you play it out. A complete guide on how to create a solid base for referrals is available on the website, so be sure to check that out!